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He welcomes privatization of the water companies

30 juni, 2013 · Inga kommentarer

For 30 years Stelios Stavridis has insisted that state control companies and good management is a contradiction. He is now the head of TAIPED, the fond, which is selling out, the water companies in Thessaloniki and Athens.

Greece has to privatize their two water companies in Thessaloniki and Athens. A demand from the troika,that is the EU-Commission, IMF and ECB, the European Central Bank.
Stelios Stavridis is a former managing director of EYDAP, the water company in Athens.
He welcomes the privatization program.
– The public administration in Greece is totally influenced by the political parties.
Board members, CEO’s and top management change every time the government changes. Sometimes, even when the minister of the same party changes. There is therefore no leadership and no continuity. And without leadership, you cannot expect progress, he says.
According to him you can hardly see people in a public company aligned with a mission, because the mission keeps changing. Politicians from all parties do not “preach” for the benefit of the company.
– They want to gain political supporters by either making false statements or by favouring their own supporters.
– Privatization is all about growth, better management and sustainability, says Stelios Stavridis.
The idea is not to “privatize” the water but the related services. The state should restrict itself to a regularly and controlling role.
The municipalities have been allowed to owe the water company EYDAP in Athens 350 million euros. Stelios Stavridis finds this absurd.
– The debt is obviously due to “pressure” from various sides not to collect! Irrationality and irresponsible thinking, it its maximum. Greece cannot and will not continue this path.
He does not understand why people on one hand behave indifferently to acts of corruption, waste and bad management, but on the other hand, they want the companies to maintain their public status, which is the main cause for corruption.
Stelios Stavridis is convinced that Greece has to speed up its privatization program. It will attract foreign investments and create hundreds of thousands of jobs and bring huge wealth to the state.
Concerning the staff in the EYDAP water company he finds it overstaffed.
– Further rationalization is needed, which means hiring young, competent and well-educated employees. It this does not happen, EYDAP will lose its spirit and momentum.

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